Disinfection Sprayer PG-DS-001P

induction disinfection sprayer PG-DS-001P

induction disinfection sprayer PG-DS-001P

Brief Introduction

This induction disinfection sprayer PG-DS-001P is controlled by infrared. When you put your hands close to the top of the Mini alcohol dispenser, this portable hand sterilizer will turn on automatically.


  • Non-contact with your hands and spray the alcohol automatically, which provides you a sanitary and touch-free experience.
  • Quiet and high output sprayer.
  • Strong stream of mist.
  • 600ml large tank last for a long time.
  • Portable and easy to use. Switch the device on by pressing the botton and LED indicate blue.
  • Almost transparent tank make it easily for you to check the remaining amount of the liquid and refill it immediately.
  • Built-in Li-ion battery once charged can standby for a long time.
  • Standard type C connector make it easy for you to charge and use it anywhere.
  • Intelligent induction and installation is free. Suitable for household, restaurant, school, hotel, factory and other industries.

Push-button Direction

induction disinfection sprayer PG-DS-001P push button direction

Mechanical Dimensions

induction disinfection sprayer PG-DS-001P mechanical dimension


Model No. Induction Disinfection Sprayer PG-DS-001P
Input Voltage 5V
Power Consumption 2.5W
Standby Current 20mA
Working Frequency 110khz
Material of Disinfection Sprayer ABS + Silicone
Finishing Color Smooth Taupe Cover + Light Gray Tank
Mechanical Dimension 100 (L)*100mm(W)*125mm(H)
Spray Volume About 45ml/hour
Alcohol Tank Capacity 600ml
Alcohol Concentration ≥75%
Infrared Sensing Distance ≤12cm
Power Supply Type-C USB 5V
Built-in Li-ion Battery Yes
Battery Capacity Li-polymer, 420mAH
Accessories 1m USB Cable, User Manual
Weight 200g


This automatic alcohol induction disinfection sprayer is suitable for home, restaurant, school, hotel, office, etc.

Packing Information

Quantity in Box 1PCS/Box
Gross Weight in Box 260g
Packing Box Size 115 (L)*105mm(W)*130mm(H)
Quantity in Carton 50PCS/Carton
Net Weight in Carton 13kg/Carton
Gross weight in Carton 14kg/Carton
Carton Size 60cm(L)*60cm(W)*28cm(H)

The following picture show the packing details of the induction disinfection sprayer: the color box and all the accessories inside.

disinfection sprayer PG-DS-001P packing

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